A post from daddy…


I’ve been SOO frustrated with the laziness of the boys- O is trained completely for over a year…except for 2-3 nights a month.  J has been really good with potty thru the day for about 6 months, but refuses to poop on the potty.  M&M’s got him thinking about it, now won’t eat them at all anymore- suckers worked for a while- no more… so the other nite it went like this…
Me: J, if you poop on the potty, u get M&M
J: no
Me: sucker?
J: no
Me: candy?
Me: cake
J: OOOOH, YEAH!  and a candle, and I’ll blow out the candle!
Me:  Uhhh, ok, deal!
20 minutes later a shriek from the bathroom…
Me:  Momma, we’re gonna need some cake!
so it worked, lucky we had some brownies and candles
fast forward to this morning…
J:Daddy, I want another candle
Me: Mom’s sleeping, can you wait?
J: no, now
Me: Uhh, ok
10 minutes later…
J: get my candle DADDY
Me: SHIT, we’re out of cake!  But we don’t have to light matches in the bathroom anymore, cause the kids all have their own candles:)
moral to the story- keep trying everything to bribe until it works, but make sure you can back it up!  Mama’s gonna be baking again today I think!
thought you might enjoy!


Letting the cat out of the bag!

Today Greta and I went to ice skating then met daddy and the boys at the grocery store.

We found daddy and the boys down one aisle and went up to them with the following conversation:

Me:  “Hi boys!”

Oliver & Julian: “Mammma!”

Daddy:  “Julian, can you tell mama what we did?” (daddy all excited because Julian went potty on the potty chair!)

Julian:  “We went to Walmart!”

Daddy: “Nooo, can you tell her what other thing we did?”

Julian: “We went and got a babboon for you, mama!”

Daddy: “Achh…shhh…can you tell mama what ELSE you did?”

Julian:  “We went and got babboon!”

Insert….daddy standing there shaking his head!

I decided to go take Julian to the bathroom and this is more of the conversation in there:

Me:  “You bought me a balloon?”

Julian: “Its a secret mama!”

Me:  “Oooh, what else did you buy?”

Julian:  “We bought a babboon with your flowers mama!”

Insert:  Lady in the next stall over chuckling!

Me:  “So you bought me a balloon and some flowers?”

Julian:  “Yeah, but its a secret!”

“I’m getting married!”

Tonight, Greta was in the kitchen washing dishes…something she fortunately loves to do!  She turned to me and said “Will and I are getting married”.

Me:  “You are?”

Greta: “Yes, and you’re coming with us on our honeymoon!”

Me: “Really, that’s great!”

Greta: “And…I’m going to stay here in our home!”

Me:  “I’m sure daddy will be thrilled!”

Greta:  “Also, Natalie from school said that when she gets a boyfriend, she’s moving far away!”

I guess I’m the lucky mom!


The other week, Greta had attended a friend’s birthday party.  It was a “princess” party with a lot of dressing up. 

When I dropped her off, I decided to go ahead and get some errands done and pick her up 2 hours later.  I ended up arriving early, just in time for the opening of the presents.  The birthday girl’s friends were circling her with their presents, awaiting anxiously to open theirs.  I watched Greta, sitting there, with a smile on her face the whole time.  Whenever a present was opened, she had excitement and a smile for the birthday girl. 

Everytime I think of this moment of her sitting there…I feel such warmth for her and I am so proud of her.  Something as simple as not experiencing jealousy, but joy for another, she has such a delicate and beautiful heart!


Wow, what hasn’t been going on lately!  We put a new addition onto our house this summer.  The kids are growing like weeds.  I’ve been growing in my photography.  Daddy is busy as always with work and lawn care!

Some new things with the kids.  Dear daughter is in preschool and has learned a really cute saying for “grace” before meals.  She now gets her two brothers to way it, with their hands together, before each meal.  She is such a good role model for them….um, sometimes!

The boys are as crazy and funny as ever.  What those two don’t get into is scary and funny at the same time.  I plan to update more when I get a chance…hang in there everyone!

From the mouth of kids…

Julian is working on potty training today.  He told me to “take his pants off and diaper off” so he could sit on the potty.  He then turned to me and told me to “take my pants off”, so I could sit on it too!!!

Papa Mike was recently visiting and he sat on the couch and exclaimed “I’m pooped!”.  The boys, Oliver and Julian, really wanted to help the situation, so they went to the hall closet looking for wipes.  When they didn’t find the wipes, they went and grabbed a box of kleenex to help the “situation!”

Stress on the way…

I wasn’t even this stressed out when we first built our house.  I worried about the transition for the kids’, the structural components, etc. when contiplating this new addition.  For the past few weeks, I’ve literally wanted to throw up when thinking about it.  I was thinking, maybe we should leave well enough alone…Dear hubby on the other hand, was quite enjoying being in control of the general contractor position for once.  I’m wondering if he’s found a calling for this.  Late at night, after doing work paperwork, he would put together spreadsheets for lining up the subcontractors for the job.  Hands down, he took control of the project and directed everything!  As for us right now, we have a roof over the addition and 3 kids sleeping in our room!  The honeymoon is over!